Hi, I’m Ashleigh

I am a life enthusiast, booty shaker, speaker, and multi-passionate entrepreneur obsessed with empowering you to achieve all your wildest dreams.

Girl, I remember the day I was leaning up against my bed on the floor crying while asking myself "There has to be more to life than this?"

I did all the things we were required to do (this is the rule follower in me). I graduated with a bachelor’s degree, got married, owned my condo with a dog and just opened my own dance business. I checked all the right boxes. It looked like I had all my shit together, that I was happy and living my best life. Unfortunately, I felt quit the opposite. I truly asked myself at this point in my life "What else do have to accomplish?"

You maybe having similar thoughts right now, that’s why you are here. You are my people. People going "WTF is this" and you start questioning everything in your life.

life coach.