Healing after Divorce Miniseries

We are all to familiar with the stack of losses that occur during divorce and are passionate about creating a community for you to be seen, heard and empowered.

This time is awful, scary, and life altering to the deepest level. It deserves the investment of your time, attention and care. Too often we skip and rush to the good part and try to put as much distance between us and pain. Maybe now is the time to stop, pause and breathe into that pain so you can move through it with a bit more ease & compassion while making a few friends along the way.

We truly can’t wait to work with you. You deserve healing and to be empowered to live life, love your life & parent wholeheartedly after the ravages of divorce.

Meet your Coaches

Hi! I'm Hannelore Pena, a Divorce & Parenting Coach. I empower women to live life, love, and parent (single or co-parenting) beyond the ravages of divorce. How do I do that? By re-introducing and re-connecting them to themselves. However, if a woman wants to fight for her marriage then I empower her to fight for it, but in a way that is honoring to her and creating a dialogue where we can discuss what actually brings about change. I educate women on how their past and their nervous system is impacting how they show up in the world today and that not addressing those things is getting in their way.

My work focuses on healing the relationship we have with ourselves by rebuilding self trust, cultivating self love, self acceptance, and self compassion. And these are all things that support our capacity to be there for our kids.

- Hannelore Pena

Hi I’m Ashleigh! I am an empowerment coach that helps divorced women rediscover themselves. Going thru a divorce is a difficult journey in itself. And then, when you step out of that chapter you are looking ahead at a world you don’t simply recognize. At least that’s what it was like for me. Which brings me here today in my passion to help other women in their life after divorce. I walk beside you on a journey to help rediscover who you want to be and create a world you love being in. Healing after divorce is possible. I’m living proof of that.

- Ashleigh DeWeese

This intimate in person event will not exceed 15 people and is located in downtown Toledo in one of Rustbelt Coffee’s “vibing” rented spaces. Each session is one hour long from 11am-noon.

119 N Ontario St
Toledo, OH 43604

Full Access Package


This includes all six one hour group sessions listed below.

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Embracing the Uncomfortable

Saturday, June 10th


How befriending pain can lead to healing

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The power of release

Saturday, June 24th


The art of letting go & finding self love

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Quiet your deepest inner critic

Saturday, July 8th


Reclaiming your power over self doubt

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Bringing your Sexy Back

Saturday, July 22nd


Rebuilding self esteem & confidence

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Together Apart

Saturday, August 5th


Reframing your perspective & navigating co-parenting Challenges

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Dating After Divorce

Saturday, August 19th


How you know your are ready and tips to start the journey

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